SPQR Advisors, is a dynamic and aspirational consulting firm

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    We at SPQR offer tailored solutions for all your accounting needs

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    Several factors distinguish SPQR Advisors from generic consulting firms


SPQR Advisors, is a dynamic and aspirational consulting firm based in Chandigarh, located 250 km north-west of New Delhi. Our city was designed by the Franco-Swiss architect Le Corbusier. The foundation of Chandigarh has given it a global outlook, and building on this heritage our firm provides services which conform to international standards. We are dedicated to providing flawless financial services to our clients.

SPQR Advisors specialise in a wide range of digital financial and accounting (book-keeping) services. Our team also focuses on projects related to corporate law, international taxation and structuring advisory.

Our in depth experience of financial processes combined with our expertise in law, helps us provide our clients with holistic advisory services all in one place. Our knowledge combined with IT prowess has enabled us to advance beyond borders and geographical constraints. In order to cater to all our global clients, our teams conduct business in English, French, Italian, German, Hindi and Punjabi.

Our clients include multinational corporations, trusts and high net worth individuals across various industries. Our client base comes from various countries, mainly India, Switzerland, the Czech Republic, Italy, Spain, China, the UK and the US. 


Our logo, is an ode to the greatest empires that the world has ever known, where civilization, economy and the rule of law flourished like never before. The logo is dedicated to the most powerful empires that history has known – the Roman Empire and the Mauryan Empire under Ashoka. The logo represents the two colours adorned by the leaders of these great civilizations – the purple robes of Roman Emperors and the saffron robes worn by Ashoka.

SPQR is the symbol of the ancient Roman Empire. SPQR expands to Senatus Populus Que Romanus (Belonging to the senate and people of Rome) and like the ancient seal, we commit ourselves to our clients, their employees, their customers and most importantly, to their values and growth.

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